Beatitudes 5 - How hungry or thirsty are You?

The Beatitudes part 5 church of England

The Beatitudes Part 5

Matthew 5 verse 6.

6. “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled”.

How many of us actually know what it’s like to be so extremely hungry or thirsty, I doubt any of us actually feel the desperation that Jesus was talking about. 

In the desert people wear special clothes in case there is a storm, it’s not really the kind of storm that we get in this country, it’s a sandstorm it’s where the sand swirls around and the sand is blown again the person it stings your face and sometimes it becomes so strong that you can’t walk against it.  So, you have to wrap yourself up in your head dress and just wait until the storm passes.

The sand gets in your eyes, up your nose, in your mouth, with the gritty sand in your mouth it will make your mouth feel very very dry and you can’t move and just go and get a drink of water.. you have to wait.  People caught in this kind of storm know what it feels like to be really thirsty.

This is the kind of thirst Jesus was talking about being really desperately thirsty, the people Jesus talked to would know this kind of thirst. 

Jesus wants us to want long for what is right.  To want it more than anything. 

It really isn’t about food or water, it has to do with wanting something very desperately, and he used hunger and thirst because people of his day would understand what it would be like to be hungry and not know where you next meal was coming from, and they would understand the dry mouth full of grit desperately in need of water. 

Jesus wants us to be desperate for righteousness?  So, what does righteousness mean?  It means doing the right thing even if we can get away with it..

It means having a chance of cheating but not taking it.

It means having a chance to take something that doesn’t belong to you without being caught and not doing it.

It means not lying to get ourselves out of trouble.

Jesus wants us to hunger for freedom for justice, for fair play, for equal rights.  In today’s world there are still a greater hunger than food it’s a hunger that is deep in our heart – the hunger of belonging, self-worth, dignity, and personal freedom. 

There are still many extra-ordinary people today who are fighting for righteousness.

Try to find someone that is fighting for righteousness and do research on them.  Mother Teresa is a good example of a Christian who was fighting for righteousness all her life. 

What about John Cadbury? – he was a Quaker but he fought for the rights of people to have better lives.  He took people out of the city into the country, he gave them jobs and housing, and helped them find a healthier way to live. 
Or What about Oxfam?

Choose a person or company and find out about them.  J
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