What is on YOUR side of the Door?

Your side of the door
Luke 11 9-10

9. So I say to you; Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. 10.  For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks find; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened.

I love the painting with Jesus standing with the lantern by the door William Holman Hunt’s Light of the world, it looks like a door leading to a secret garden it doesn’t look like the door has been opened in a long time.  Jesus is knocking gently, what is behind the door?

The door looks like it is firmly closed, but that doesn’t stop Jesus from knocking.   Maybe the door is a person, and Jesus needs to be gentle because the person has had a really hard time and has firmly closed the door on faith and on Jesus. 

Our bible passage for today, is the other side of the door.  It tells us to knock on the door and it will be opened for us because on the other side of the door is Jesus.  Jesus is always waiting there for us to open the door so that we can share our lives with him. 

I can imagine opening the door it creaking and scraping along the floor, I really need to pull it cause it hasn’t been opened in a long time.. On the other side of the door it is dark, full of hurt and sadness.   It’s like an over grown garden that hasn’t been tended for a long time, a very wild place, not cared for or loved.  

You can’t see the door, the path is over grown the door is hidden.  But something draws you to that part of the garden – you see a path you follow it.. you pull the weeds from in front of the door.. and you knock – you don’t expect anything, you don’t expect an answer, you don’t expect the door to open – but to your surprise it opens just a little at first, you see light a sign of hope, then you knock again seeking the door to be open wider the door opens and the light floods in..

You can see for the first time in a long time – what lies beneath the over grown garden.. for the first time in a long time is hope..

Jesus comes into your side of the door, he comes alongside you, helps you to recognise the weeds, he shines the light for you to see the good things that lie beneath the weeds.  The things that have been holding you back, the thorns that have been hurting you and keeping you in the dark. 

Jesus helps restore your garden – and if the weeds start to appear Jesus will help you get rid of them.  Now the door is wide open and the light shines bright into your garden, your garden is blooming..

It’s not just about knocking on the door, it’s about seeking the door, it’s about being active, all of us can just sit there and let the weeds grow around us.. This passage calls us to do something.  To seek the door, to ask, and to knock.  If we do this then Jesus will respond by opening the door to us and entering our lives to help us with whatever gardening our lives need.

I wonder what is on your side of the door?

How is your garden? Do you need Jesus to help with the weeding??

Is the door wide open to Jesus or is it open just a bit?

Is the path clear to the door or full of obstacles?

What are the weeds in your life? What are the obstacles?

It’s important that we know because if we don’t how can we possibly lead others to the door where Jesus stands and waits.

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