Explaining The Trinity

Christians believe that there is one God, in three persons.  Father, Son and Holy Spirit together they are called the ‘Holy Trinity’. 

Explaining the trinityWhere in the Bible do we find the Trinity – All three parts of God together.  When Jesus was baptised – we heard the Father’s voice, and a dove represented the Holy spirit as Jesus was here on earth being baptised.

The early Christians spent a lot of time trying to find words to explain what Christians believe.  Eventually they wrote a statement of faith.  This is called the creed, from the Latin word credo, which means I believe.  It starts with belief in God the Father who created everything.  Then it recalls the life, death and resurrection of Jesus God’s own Son.  The last section speaks of God the Holy Spirit.

It is complicated and needs us to really think about it.  

The word tri means – three, a triangle has three sides, a tricycle has three wheels, and the Trinity has three parts to it.

I wonder if you know that you can be three people.   

I am three people, I’d like to show you….

I am a mum, a friend and myself.

Are you three people? Think about it?

Are you a cousin, a daughter or son, a neice or nephew, or a brother or sister, a granddaughter or grandson?

But you are still yourself.

If we think about it in a different way, water is very Trinitarian. 

Water is liquid and it never changes right?

No – water can also be steam

And it can also be ice?
Is steam still water?
Is ice still water?
So water can be liquid, solid and vapour?

Three in one? 

If we relate it to the Trinity – God is liquid water – he created the world, and in the beginning God created water.  We like the plants and the creatures of the world are made up of water.  God is in us, just like the water is. 

Jesus is the solid ice – he was here on earth, sent by the Father.  But as we know ice is still water.

The Holy Spirit is the steam, like the air that we breathe, the Holy Spirit surrounds us, encourages us and guides us.  But as we know steam when cooled is still water. 

God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit, are three individuals yet one.  Liquid, ice, steam different but still one water.  You can separate them but they are still the same water.  Just as God is still God, whether as Jesus or the Holy Spirit. 

Just as we are still who we are in my case I am still Michelle even if someone calls me mum, sister, cousin, friend, or daughter.

And just as water is liquid, ice, and steam!

Children can really understand this concept and whilst I have heard many ways of explaining the Trinity Water this is the one I have found to be the best. 

Holy Trinity WaterIf I were running a group trying to explain the Trinity – I would begin by getting the children to come up with things that begin with Tri?

I would show the children the different aspects of water – ice, water and steam.. perhaps from a kettle.. (as it boils)

Why not make Trinity bottles.

A plastic bottle filled three quarters full.

The white curly ribbon – is the Holy Spirit.

Add glass beads – they are the ice – Jesus.

And Water – God.  You can add food colour to the water..  or glitter.

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