Who was Philip?

A follower of Jesus – A disciple.

Philip was from the town of Bethsaida a fishing town, where four of the other disciples were from. It
Jesus and Philip
AKM Adam - Jesus and Philip
is thought that he was possibly a fisherman. (John 1:44)

Philip was one of the twelve, he was one of the first disciples called by Jesus. Jesus came to Philip and said ‘follow me’. (John 1:43) and Philip did just that. As soon as Jesus called him he went directly to his friend Nathaniel and although Nathaniel didn’t believe at first, but Philip’s enthusiasm led Nathaniel to Jesus. (John 1 43-46)

Philip recognised immediately who Jesus was.

Jesus chose all the disciples for their different gifts. At the feeding of the 5000 it was Philip that questioned Jesus about feeding all the people, telling him how much it would cost to give everyone bread. (John 6 5-7)

So it seems that Jesus chose Philip because he was practical, he had a warm heart, and was very enthusiastic about telling people about Jesus. Although at times he was pessimistic as he didn’t always see how things could be done. (Like feeding everyone)

Due to his comments in the feeding of the 5000, it is thought he might have been in charge of supplies and food.

And consequently Philip’s symbol is a basket.

Philip would have been there at the Passover with Jesus in the upper room whilst his name isn’t mentioned – the disciples as a group were so we can assume they were all there.

We can also assume that Philip was there when Jesus was betrayed by Judas and when Jesus was arrested in the garden.

But we don’t know whether Philip was at the cross, or visited the tomb. It seems that the disciples (according to John 20:19) met again in the upper room early the next week. Probably to discuss all the things that had happened when Jesus appeared to them. Encouraging them by the power of the Holy Spirit to continue his work.

After Jesus died Philip continued telling people about Jesus until he was quite old, when he was arrested and was killed for spreading the gospel.

Would you be a disciple of Jesus – if Jesus called you?

Would you go without question?

Would you recognise who he was?

Think about Philips characteristics, he wasn’t perfect – yet Jesus still chose him.

What characteristics do you have that would make Jesus choose you?

If you were one of the 12 what job would you do?

Philip was in charge of supplies and food..

Philip was there when Jesus told the disciples about his death, he would have been there when Jesus told them that one of them would betray him….

If you were Philip how would you feel?

Imagine Jesus looked at you as he looked at all the other disciples.

Would it be you that betrayed Jesus?

Imagine you were Philip – where were you when Jesus was crucified?

A take home activity for today would be making a basket.

This template uses cardboard and either strips of fabric or wool. There is a template to follow as well.

Templates for paper baskets can be found on

Artists helping Children
Formative Faith - Craft

This is about Philip and then they offer a short quiz.



The disciple song to the tune of ‘Jesus loves me this I know’

The song lyrics can be downloaded here

Jesus called them one by one,

Peter, Andrew, James and John,

Next, came Philip, Thomas too,

Matthew and Bartholomew.


Yes, Jesus called them,

Yes, Jesus called them,

Yes, Jesus called them,

He called them one by one.

James the one they called the less,

Simon, also Thaddeus,

Twelfth apostle Judas made,

Jesus was by him betrayed.


Yes, Jesus called them,

Yes, Jesus called them,

Yes, Jesus called them,

He called them one by one.
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