The Great Conspiracy

Matthew 28 11-15

Everyone likes a conspiracy… a cover up? Who killed Princess Diana? What really happened?
Jesus Tomb

The X-files have made a comeback this year on TV. The programme is full of conspiracies, and the two lead detectives always trying prove the cover up. The truth is out there; is the line they end with..

If you type in conspiracy theories, you will find thousands of sites.

People are naturally curious if things are beyond belief.

The resurrection is so amazing; it is something that would radically change what we believe. They had tried to get rid of Jesus, His teaching undermined them and they thought they had done what they set out to do.. They probably sighed when he was crucified, we can breathe now and get on with our lives – we don’t have to worry about Him anymore..

But just to be sure they put guards outside of the tomb. They were afraid the disciples would try and do something. Pilate told them to watch.

He was put into a grave, a tomb cut out of solid rock, with a heavy stone rolled in front of it.

Yet when the women arrived Jesus’ body was no longer there.

How did it happen?

The guards must have been so shocked and were probably terrified. Thinking they were going to get the blame, and would get some dreadful punishment. The Romans were well known to hand out cruel punishment.

“The guards went into the city and reported to the chief priests everything that had happened.12 When the chief priests had met with the elders and devised a plan, they gave the soldiers a large sum of money, 13 telling them, “You are to say, ‘His disciples came during the night and stole him away while we were asleep.’

But actually there are a few problems with this cover up..

Pilate had told them to watch so the guards knew it was important that they did watch.

Is it possible that all the guards fell asleep together? And if they all fell asleep how did they see the disciples steal the body?

If the disciples stole the body – how is it, they didn’t wake up the guards when the rolled back the stone? It wouldn’t have been something they could have done quietly.

If all the guards did fall asleep – why were they not punished? Instead they were given money to lie to people telling them that the disciples stole the body? I wonder how those guards felt? Knowing the truth.

It doesn’t quite add up.

But people still believe this lie today, well something must have happened the resurrection can’t possibly be true.

I don’t know whether you noticed by this year particularly but the Easter cards were full of bunnies and chicks?

It seems like society today is still trying to cover up the Easter story.

I was talking to a group of children, and asked them to help me with an Easter Garden, one of them said to me, where are we putting the Easter bunny?

It’s confusing for those who are growing up today especially if they haven’t grown up with Christian teaching or in a Christian school. If all around them is eggs, bunnies, rabbits, chicks. How are they supposed to know any different? This is our modern day cover up, the modern day lie.. Easter isn’t about the resurrection of Jesus.

Our calling as Christians is to uncover the lie..

To teach the children the true meaning of Easter.

Playing a simple game of sorting:

Have two teams.

Around the room have things connected with the death and resurrection of Jesus and those things that society think of as Easter. (there are plenty of things available)

When they have collected everything. Allow the groups to sit in two circles to discuss their findings to decide what was the true meaning of Easter and what wasn’t.

Then get them to place the correct items on the right tables.

It’s an opportunity to think again about the Easter Story and perhaps retell it.. or get the children to re-tell it?

The Easter story - sequence the story

This is a sequencing worksheet. Putting the Easter story in order.

Also, why not try a true or false quiz?

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