What will you give (or take) up? - Lenten Sacrifice

What will you give up? (or take up)

lenten sacrifice
We have feasted and prepared now Lent is here.

So what is the next step on our Lenten Road.

It is a time to give something up for 40 days and take up something instead.  

Lent is a time to think and reflect, perhaps on how much we have, and a time to be thankful for those around us.  It could be a time to quit a bad habit that won't only make a difference for 40 days but for the rest of our lives.

Many children when asked will say that they will give up chocolate or sweets.

If they do that get them to put what they would have spent on Chocolate into a jar and at Easter contribute what they have collected to a charity that helps hungry children. 

There are many ideas about that you and your children can share:

  • Give up T.V. For an hour every day – and spend that hour helping parents.
  • Give up a games console for the whole 40 days, and do something creative.
  • Keep their room tidy every day until Easter.
  • Set the table every day until Easter.

You might like to make a book with a different things to do every day during Lent. 

See how many ideas the children can come up with. 

A great idea to keep track of their achievement is a good deed chart.  If the children are quite young, give them a treat on a Sunday, if they have achieved their goal all week.  This will keep them motivated for the next week.

An example chart can be found here.

Tell them that by not having something for a while then when Easter arrives  they will appreciate what they have given up so much more. 

You never know if they set the table every day during Lent then perhaps they can continue doing it throughtout the rest of the year... we can be ever hopeful.

My favourite idea is creating 'a thank you box'.

You will need:
  • A box with a lid, for example a shoe box.
  • Pretty paper to cover it with.
  • A marker to write on top - Thank you God.

This Pinterest page has some nice ideas for prayer boxes.

foundations in faith

Before the children go to bed every evening during Lent get them to write down something they are thankful for and put it in the box.

On Easter Day take all the bits of paper out of the box and make a collage with them. 

Taking a photo every day during Lent is an excellent way of creating continuity especially for children who do not yet read/write.

A reminder of the wonderful things in their lives and the wonderful world around us and yet something very personal to us.
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