Jesus’ Love and protection – A Mother hen and her chicks.

Luke 13 31-35

Jesus went to Jerusalem but there wasn’t a warm welcome waiting for him.  King Herod wanted him killed. The Pharisees told Jesus to leave, but Jesus wasn't going to be bullied.  He saw that the people needed him.  They needed to be healed. 

Jesus used animals to illustrate his point the fox being Herod and Jesus being like a mother hen, gathering her chicks together under her wings to protect them.

This image reminded me of the story of the little red hen, who was very clever and resourceful and managed to get away from the fox.  

Jesus wasn’t going to be caught by Herod.  I think Jesus must have known his fate, because he told them that the time wasn’t right yet. 

Even though staying in Jerusalem might have been dangerous, Jesus felt such compassion and love for the people he used the image of a Hen gathering all her chicks together to protect them from harm.   Jesus was determined to do what he had come to do and no fox was going to stop him. 

Jesus still feels the same way about us now, he knows that we sometimes get into trouble, and wants to gather us up and protect us when life gets difficult.

It’s a lovely image for children to take home.  

There are a lot of crafts that could be used in Sunday school for this theme. Click here for the link

Click here for this  web page that has crafts, games, and colouring pages.   I particularly like the paper plate chicken.

This is a great illustration and the chicks are made and put under her wings.
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