God gives us a vineyard to grow and take care of

Matthew 21 33-46

This is a difficult and very sad story. The landowner son and servants were killed. Shouldn’t the
God gives us vineyards
landowner want revenge? Shouldn’t he hate them?

In this story the landowner is God, and God sent the men of the old testament to help us come closer to him. God gave them messages for the people, to leave their wicked ways and turn back to God. But they didn’t all listen. In the time of Noah, God sent a flood because they wouldn’t listen, in the time of Moses, God sent plagues because the king wouldn’t listen and let the people of Israel go.. and he sent many other prophets but still the people didn’t listen. Eventually God sent his only son. Some people believed and listened but others turned away, and others found him such a threat that they crucified Him..

God didn’t give up on them, because even though they killed Jesus, God gave them yet another chance and raised Jesus on the third day.

God doesn’t give up on anyone – He doesn’t give up on you or me. Jesus was telling this parable to the Pharisees, they hadn’t shared their faith in the way God wanted. But although they hadn’t shared it God hadn’t given up on them, even though God knew they were going to crucify His son.

No matter what we do – God is always there waiting for us to come back.

God gives us all vineyards, they are the people and relationships in our lives. He expects us to grow our relationships, with kindness, care, love, understanding, patience etc.

But there are times in our life when we distance ourselves from God, when wander far from him. When we do things that are really wrong, we lie, steal, we are violent toward others, we bully others to get our own way, we don’t behave like a child of God. We are not worthy to have the vineyard. But God doesn’t give up on us. He sends people to pick us up and bring us back to him.

An activity for the children.

Each child will need a plain piece of paper, vines, a watering can, a sun and kindness, care, love, understanding, patience, generosity, forgiveness.

Each vine is a different person in their life.

Ask them what they think plants need to grow strong and produce good fruit.
All plants needs water, sun, and good soil.
All relationships need those things too.
They need good soil = Kindness, love, patience, forgiveness, care, understanding, generosity.
The watering can = God’s word helping and guiding us.
The Sun = is God’s love, helping us to grow towards him.. because we have to remember that we don’t have to be on our own. 

Even when it’s cloudy the sun is there just like God, we may have cloudy times in our lives but God is always there to help and guide us.

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