Are you too big for your boots?

Matthew 23:1-12

too big for your boots

Have you ever heard that phrase?  It’s when you start to show off and start to think you are better than others, so much so you begin to treat people badly. 

There is nothing wrong with being good at something but being good at something doesn’t make us better than anyone else.

It makes us unique, different but still equal.


The Pharisees thought they were more important than others, they liked the way people treated them, they enjoyed the power and status in their community and they didn’t always treat people with care.


Jesus threatened their way of life, He was different – He might have been God’s son, but He came to teach us something different.  Not to be like the Pharisees but to be servants to each other 

To love each other – as equals.

To treat each other – as equals.

That in God’s eyes we are all equal, whether man or woman, whether Rabbi or Pharisee, or rich or poor.

God loves us all equally.

No one person is better than any other. 

We are all children of God.


We all have our gifts, we are all different, we all have things that we are better at than others.


We shouldn’t think that just because we are better at that ‘one thing’ that it gives us a right to put someone else down or make fun of them because they aren’t as good. 


Nobody likes a show off.


God wants us to celebrate our achievements by thanking him and thanking others who have helped us along the way.


So today we think about what we are good at doing, Our God given gifts, they might not be obvious. The children may have more than one. God gives everyone gifts, and whilst he doesn’t want us to show off he also doesn’t want us to hide our gifts.  He wants us to find them and use them.




Download the Stencil from here

Photocopy one wellie for each child, ask them to write their gifts on the stars and the gifts of their friends.  Write on the top ‘I am not too big for my boots.’ 


We all shine equally.


Be humble in your achievements use them for God’s glory and not for our own.


That way our feet will remain firmly on the ground..

And we won’t get too big for our boots!


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