Introduction to Women in the Bible? How many can you name?

Women of the bible
Women in the Bible

When we think of the bible we often think of it being very male dominated.

I wonder how many of you know how many women are mentioned in the bible?

Each and every woman has something to teach us, whether they are good or bad women and yes there are bad women in the bible.  Women who have made bad choices but there are also women who can bring us closer to God with their story of faith, loyalty, and love.  These women can empower us to find our own path with God, and to discover that God DOES call women too.   It is just that their stories aren’t told so often?

I have to question why don’t we hear about the women in the bible?

When did women become less important than men?

Why don’t Christian women today tell their stories?

I have to say that I am just as guilty, as it’s not something I have really thought about, could it be that my teaching was biased towards men?

There are also lots of women behind the scenes that we never think about but are still part of God’s story.

Have you ever wondered how Noah’s wife must have felt about him building an ark, and how did she feel about climbing aboard an ark full of animals? What part did she play? 

I like to think that whilst Noah was building the ark she was preparing the provisions.  Making sure that there was enough food on board for all the animals and humans.  I bet she did all the packing?

Without women the great men would never have been born.  But women aren’t just baby carriers they are both saints and sinners.  God uses them just as he uses the men to teach us. 

I have a challenge for you.

Write down all the women in the bible that you can think of..
I wonder how many you actually know?

Don’t cheat by looking them up. 

There are in fact only 188 women named in the bible but there are so many more that aren’t, in comparison there are 1,181 men named in the bible.

Jesus was controversial in the way he treated women, it is obvious from the biblical accounts of his life that he has women followers.  He also reached out to women whom others rejected.  John 8 - the woman being stoned for adultery, John 4 - the woman at the well.

Women have so many roles within the bible, from Miriam or Anna the prophetesses, Acts 16 - Lydia founded the church in Philippi , Judges 4/5 tell the story of Judge Deborah who leads her people, mothers – there were many mothers in the bible, as well as many wives, Bathsheba was a temptress, Dorcas was a missionary for the widows and fatherless - Acts 9 , Mary and Martha provided food and a place of rest for Jesus. 

Today woman are carrying forward God’s work in and out of the church.  We are not just bearers of the next generation of Christians we are part of God’s continuing story. God has plenty for us to do, we are included as part of the Great commission…(Matthew 28) we are part of the story that continues after Jude and before Revelation - the story not written yet. 
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