Have you passed on God's word to the next generation?

I Peter 1 23-25

Passing Gods word onto the next generationFor all people are like grass.. and all their glory is like the flowers of the field;

The grass withers and the flowers fall, but the word of the Lord stands forever. And this is the word that was preached to you.

The glory of the plant is its flower, but that flower only blooms when the roots are being nurtured, and the stem is strong. 

Our minds our like flowers only bloom when the conditions are right…

How very true.

We are like the grass, we grow and eventually die, like flowers we have times in our lives when we bloom, under the right conditions.  (A theme for another blog)

But God’s word never ends, think about how long the word of God has been around.

How many generations has God’s word passed through?

How many people have sat where you sit in church and have listened to God’s word?

Over the many generations the word of God was passed down by mouth, one generation told the next generation the story of God’s people.  Until it became written down in the form of the Bible. 

I wonder how you learnt about God’s word?

I don’t ever remember hearing God’s word as a child – but I remember when my dad died, a friend saying to me the church is always open if you want to go, and if you want me to go with you I will..

It wasn’t until I was much older that I decided to seek God’s word for myself, I knew I wanted my child baptised so I went along to church.  The word of God just wasn’t reaching my heart, and it went over my head.

I moved house and a friend asked if I would go with her to church, I went along with her.  I will never forget that first time, we went into the small church neither of us were confirmed so we weren’t able to take the bread and wine.  But we went up for a blessing, and the priest blessed by us by name. Our names had been passed on to him from the people welcoming at that door.  Those words had a huge impact on me. God’s word in action.  Blessed by God by name.  It reached into my heart and God’s words replayed in my head over and over.. God bless you and keep you…

It was those words that kept me going along to church.  It was those words of God probably uttered a hundred thousand times in that church that pulled me towards wanting to know more. It was those words of God that led me to confirmation.  It was those words of God that led me towards wanting to teach children God’s word.  It was those words that led me towards ordination.

It is still those words of God that lead me back to church, to give those words to others. 

It is a huge privilege to pass those words on to other people and a new generation. 

That’s what we are all called to do, pass on God’s word to a new generation to ensure that after we have withered and fallen God’s word continues.

How can we do that?

We can talk to the young about our faith, we can support our local schools, we can get involved in young people’s groups.  We can welcome the noisy child at church and their family, we can offer to walk beside a baptism family or the newly confirmed. 

God’s word requires action by us.  If it wasn’t for the action of that one priest, I might never have heard God’s words that affected my life forever.

My challenge to you is to reach out and pass on God’s word.  It could really reach into someone’s heart and mind, and affect their lives forever.

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Reverend Michelle Bailey is the Rural Officer for the Bishop of Brecon and Swansea  She previously worked in Children's Ministry and was ordained in the Church of England. Her blog includes ideas on presenting concepts of faith to young children to the age of eleven and furthering faith development in an educational context. Michelle currently lives in Wales and is also developing a rural ministry blog.
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