Beatitudes 8 - Do you know what the United Nations Do?

Beatitudes Part 8

Matthew 5 verse 9

Blessed are the peacemakers,
    for they will be called children of God.

Beatitudes part 8When I am on holiday I like to explore the country I am visiting. When I was in Cyprus this was no exception, we hired a car and off we went armed with a map, off following a road into the hills. The scenery was breath taking.. even if the road left a lot to be desired.. We passed some soldiers dressed in white, they stood out against the greenery.  But it never really registered with me who they were.  We carried on further and then came to a village turned a corner and….. came face to face with armed soldiers this time dressed in the usual khaki and a check point.  We had gone as far as we could.  Cyprus is actually two countries! And I hadn’t even realised.  With the Turkish half quite a separate country that we couldn’t just drive into.  So, we turned around and went back the way we came, it was only then that I realised who the soldiers dressed in a white uniform were – the U.N. United Nations – the peace keepers.

I hadn’t actually thought about the U.N. before I didn’t realise that it had soldiers that were stationed in other countries. 

In fact I realise I know very little about the U.N. 

After reading about the U.N. I realise that there is too much to discuss on my blog, but their job is huge and extremely important around the world. 

The U.N. was founded in 1945 after World War 2. 

The U.N. have three main aims:-

·         Secure international peace

·         Eliminate poverty

·         Protect human rights

Did you know that the U.N. has Messengers of Peace this is what the website says:-

The United Nations Messengers of Peace

United Nations Messengers of Peace are distinguished individuals, carefully selected from the fields of art, literature, science, entertainment, sports or other fields of public life, who have agreed to help focus worldwide attention on the work of the United Nations. Backed by the highest honour bestowed by the Secretary-General on a global citizen, these prominent personalities volunteer their time, talent and passion to raise awareness of United Nations efforts to improve the lives of billions of people everywhere.

These individuals are- HRH Princess Haya, Daniel Baronboim,  Paulo Coelho, Leonardo Dicaprio, Michael Douglas, Jane Goodall, Lang Lang, Yo Yo Ma, Midori, Charlize Theron, Elie Wiezel, Edward Norton, Stevie Wonder,

The messengers of peace programme started in 1997, so that people with a high profile could promote the aims and objectives of the U.N. and world peace.  They become an embassador for two years this is a volunteer role and they get involved with different projects, and issues that face the world.  For example the issue of hunger, or the environment.

The U.N. has a security council it is 15 countries from around the world. 

It has a very important job to keep the world peaceful, something that almost everybody wants. Whether in a country that is in the middle of a war, or whether it’s much more personal as in a marriage breakdown, or in a family where violence and abuse is taking place, in all sorts of relationships and all over the world, people want, need peace.  

It is the U.N. job to try to resolve conflict, and come to a peaceful solution. But it is not always successful the U.N. weren’t able to stop the conflict in Somalia and Rwanda where thousands of people died.

Since 1945 over a million soldiers, civilians, and policemen have fought for peace all over the world.  It’s not an easy job, and it is a job that is very dangerous, they stand between fighting parties and negotiate a solution. 

They wear either a white and blue uniform or they wear a blue helmet to show that they are peacekeepers.

I think it is important that children understand that in the world today despite all the conflict we are still a world that ultimately wants peace, and that it is not just words, it is action – people all over the world are coming together to make a difference, to try to resolve conflict, and to find a better solution than going to war.

May God bless our peacekeepers, their peacekeeping missions and may God be there in all discussions to resolve conflict.

There are some resources for children on the U.N. you will find lesson plans worksheets etc

They have a teaching pack called ‘United Nation Matters’.

Because peace is something that involves us all, no matter what our background, age, colour of our skin, or where we live, or were born.  Peace is something that we all can be involved in and it is something that starts with one person.  You or I. 


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