Looking for Jesus

John 6. 22-29

22 The next day the crowd that had stayed on the opposite shore of the lake realized that only one boat had been there, and that Jesus had not entered it with his disciples, but that they had gone away alone. 23 Then some boats from Tiberius landed near the place where the people had eaten the bread after the Lord had given thanks. 24 Once the crowd realized that neither Jesus nor his disciples were there, they got into the boats and went to Capernaum in search of Jesus.

Looking for Jesus.

God – seek now, for Google doesn’t have all the answers.

I saw that on a Facebook status.. it made me smile. In today’s technological
Looking for Jesus
society we expect to find all the answers on the net. 
When I look back at my childhood, when computers weren’t in every house and we couldn’t google things by phone, what did we do when we wanted to find out something?  Did it stop us asking questions?

In Jesus’ day, people were looking for answers. They looked to Jesus to answer the questions they had and everywhere Jesus went the people followed wanting more answers.  Wanting to listen, wanting to find out what God wanted them to do. 

Why were the people seeking Jesus?

The day before Jesus had performed the miracle of the loaves and the fish, he fed them physically. Was it that the people wanted more miracles? Or more bread and fish? Or were they looking for more?  I think probably within the crowd there were a few people of each kind.  But all of them were disappointed because Jesus and his disciples had gone.  You can imagine the scene, turning up and finding all the boats gone, with Jesus no-where to be found.  Then one bright spark saying ‘I know where he might be.’  Then everyone all following.. I wonder if everyone that morning knew why they going? or What they were looking for?
These people wanted to know about God, they were willing to follow Jesus wherever they went.  They wanted to find out the truth about God, they wanted to ask Jesus questions, they wanted to hear what he had to say, they wanted to observe him in action, they were willing to do whatever it took to find the answers and in this case it was following him. 

It was a bit like me going to look for a church one Sunday morning – I just felt I had to go.  What was I looking for?
I wonder if you know what you are looking for? 
Perhaps –
·         you are seeking Jesus because you want healing?
·         Or you need guidance,
·         or need comfort,
·         or loving.
·         Or you are angry with Jesus, you feel let down,
·         Or you are doubting whether Jesus is really listening to you.
Maybe you just don’t know but deep inside you there is a feeling, a feeling that just won’t go away…. And despite all that our world has to offer it just doesn’t for fill that feeling, and it’s just not what you are looking for.
Perhaps you feel like you have lost Jesus due to the pressures of life and you want to find that relationship with Jesus again. 
When I went looking for Jesus, at first I found the church locked the service not until much later, so I carried on looking, but I found that the road was full of sheep, then it was full of cows..(the wonder of living in the country) I was late so the place I went to look for Jesus wasn’t the right place.  But I didn’t give up.. I carried on looking and ended up where I began, when I found the church door was open, I peered around the door slightly nervous.  Would I find Jesus here?  In this quiet church? 
What was I looking for? I am not sure I knew.  But Jesus did and it was there that I found it. 
I think we are all looking, searching for something that the world can’t give us.  But the good news is that Jesus knows what we need and he knows where we can find it..
But we need to start by looking for it.

I hope you all find it… J

Finding Jesus is a great game to play with the children.
Either cut out a picture of Jesus, or have a wooden figure of Jesus hide him around the room and get the children to find him.
You can play hide and seek with one of the children being Jesus. 

Ask the question why do you want to find Jesus?
See what the children come up with.
And if they struggle being with your own example. 

I want to grow my faith..
I want to be more like Jesus.
I want to say sorry for all the things I have done wrong.
I want to feel closer to Jesus.

I expect the children can come up with more once you get them started. 

Or perhaps you could ask them.
What stops us looking for Jesus?
Other people?
Being busy?

A nice craft might be a T-shirt that they can write on and decorate.
On one side it could say: I am looking…

And on the other side it could say: I have found it.. 
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