Why is Good Friday Good?

Good FridayAs a child I always wondered why Good Friday was called Good when such a horrible cruel thing

Jesus’ death means that those that believe go to heaven and live forever with God.  Good Friday wasn’t a good day for Jesus as he died for all that the bad things that happened and without Good Friday we wouldn’t have the forgiveness his death brings. Without the death of Jesus, God wouldn’t have been able to bring him back to life on Easter Day.

And that truly is ‘Good News’ for everyone.

Traditionally in Church on Good Friday we have stations of the cross.  This can be done in a number of ways, you could have stations around the church and you travel in silence around the church.  You could have pictures shown on a slide show (if you have a technical church) or you could have individual pictures in a booklet that you look at as someone tells you part of the story and you pray together.

Children can have their own Good Friday stations of the cross or it could be done as all age.

It can be a very powerful time to remember what happened.

If you are having a walk of witness you can combine the two things by creating banners with the children representing a simple stations of the cross.

You could tell the story before you begin the banner making.  Then split the children and their parents (if they are there) into groups to make the banners for each station.  I suggest that the number of stations is reduced.

Purple sheets make good banners.  Cut and sown along the edges with two sleeves to put long canes in so the children can carry them.

I suggest that you use felt, to cut the letters out.  They glue easier, and don’t fray.  If you have a number of glue guns the glue is stronger if you are sticking bigger items onto the banner or fabric glue if you have time to let it dry.  Or if items are slightly heavier may need a stitch or two.

1. Jesus is Arrested.
2. Jesus is given his cross and his crown of thorns.
3. Mary’s heart was pierced with sorrow & pain.
4. Lots of hands, paint the children’s hands.
5. The women wept.
6. They threw dice to divide his clothes among them.
7. Jesus is nailed to the cross.
8. It is finished!
9. Jesus is laid in a borrowed tomb.
10. Jesus is alive.

Simple pictures are available.  I have used simple shapes so that they are easy for children to do.

An Easy Song with Actions.

For God So Loved the World… by John Hardwick

For God so loved the world
He gave His only Son,
And whoever believes in Him
Shall not die but have eternal life.

‘L’ is for the love that He has for me.
‘I’ am the reason He died on the tree.
‘F’ is for forgiveness and now I am free.
‘E’ is to enjoy being in His company.

I hope you have a very blessed Good Friday…

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