Do you recognise Jesus?

Luke 24. 13-35

Have the illusion picture of Jesus and ask the children what is this a picture of?

The stripes picture is a great one to illustrate this point.

Then have a jigsaw puzzle perhaps if you can find one of Easter Story.

Honestly if Jesus appeared right beside you would you recognise him?

It is a bit like having a jigsaw puzzle – you can’t see the whole picture until all the pieces are in place.

We find two followers of Jesus walking to Emmaus, away from Jerusalem about 7 miles. When a third person joins them on the road. They consider him to be a stranger. He asks them what are they talking about? They looked at him very puzzled and said are you the only one visiting Jerusalem that doesn’t know??? What things He asked? They replied ‘About Jesus of Nazareth’. So, they told him the whole story including how the women found the tomb empty but the angels told them that Jesus was alive.

What he said to them next astonished them. At first it was as if he was telling them off. But then he explained to them how it all fitted together in Scripture. That scripture told them about his birth and death.

So, it was like he put all the edges in place with a few pieces in the middle but they still couldn’t see the whole picture.

They got to where they were going, the stranger looked as if he was going to be carrying on.

They said to him, why not come and stay with us, the day is nearly over. So he went with them, when it came to dinner time – the stranger gave thanks and broke the bread, he gave it to them and suddenly their eyes were fully opened finally they saw the whole picture. They saw Jesus standing there. He really was alive. It was then that they returned to Jerusalem to tell the disciples.

I think maybe a few pieces were still missing as they didn’t know what was to happen at Pentecost… The final pieces put into place.

Would you have recognised the risen Jesus? Do you have the full picture?

Can you help others put the whole picture together?

Make your own Jigsaw Free

he above webpage has blank jigsaw templates for the children to do their own pictures on.

Perhaps with pictures of the resurrection or the words Jesus is alive.

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